International Travel

The venue follows the current EU and Greek regulations for traveling.


The Orthodox Academy of Crete

Accomodtaion will be available at the Orthodox Academy and nearby hotels. Click here for more registration and accomodation information


The Shengen Zone

Greece is part of the European Schengen travel zone where many visitors have visa free travel. To see if you will require a visa please check the Schengen Visa information site.


Travel to the Academy

The Orthdox Academy is close to the town of Kolymvari, ~160 km from the Heraklion airport and ~4 km from Chania. The conference plans to provide some buses from the airport, so be sure you are on the signup if this is the option you will use. Everyone registered should have received a survey for the bus service from Georgia Drakakaki sent on July 13th. Alternative options include the local buses and numerous options for taxis including Chania ; another option ; and another; Kydon; and from Heraklion. You can make reservations ahead of time. However there are often plenty of taxis at the airports. Note: these are examples of the numerous options available. The conference does not endrose any particular company.